PS4 External Cooling Fan Unit

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  • Super cooling fan for PS4 gaming console and make sure its dustless. It is a necessary for PS4 game enthusiasts
  • 5 built-in fans to disperse heat from your console, cool down your ps4 system perfectly, improve the operational life
  • Automatic cool moder turns on when your Playstaion 4 gets hot and turns off when it gets cool again
  • Working voltage: DV 5V; Fan specifications: big fan-DC 5V 0.15A, small fan DC 5V V0.12A
  • Convenient to carry and easy to use for PS4 console!(Original PS4 ONLY, not for other models)

Operation Instructions:

- Clip fan onto back of console.

- Connect power cord to console.

- To turn the fan on, simply flick switch to 'ON'.

- At this point, press 'TURBO' button to make the turbo bounce, the fan will slow down and weaken the wind.

- If you flick the switch to 'AUTO', the fan goes into automatic mode, so the fan will start working as temperature rises and will stop working as temperature falls automatically.

- When in working state, if five fans are not working together, please switch to 'OFF', then press TURBO button, then flick the switch to 'ON' again.


After it stops when the temperature drops, the fan detection probe will detect the temperature rise since there is still residual heat escaping from the PS4 console.

If the temperature rises to the trigger temperature, the fan will work once again; then the temperature will be lowered, and the fan will stop working again.

Therefore, in the process of temperature recovery, there may be 1-3 times of starting and stopping, which is a normal phenomenon.


  • Working voltage: DC5V; Input: AC100V-240V 50/60HZ, output: DC 5V 1A ;
  • Big fan: DC5V0.15A, rotate speed: 4500±10%RPM; Small fan: DC5V0.12A, rotate speed: 6000±10%RPM
  • Size: 22.3 x 5.3 x 7.5 cm ; Product Accessories: Power Cord ; Material: ABS plastics