PS4 Brushed Metal Series and 2 Controllers

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All skins are made in quality, backed vinyl sticker that is preloaded to fit perfectly
Easy to use and stick, easy to remove. No special skills required.
This skin is made of high quality vinyl stickers, specifically designed for your Playstation 4 and controller.
No tear, no curl, no fade and no sticky residue if you decide to remove it from your Playstation 4 Console

Package Contains:
1 x Full console skin
2 x Controller Skins
Console and Controllers are not included

Instructions manuals:
1. Clear the device with a soft cloth and ensure there is no dust and oil on the working surface.
2. Peel the vinyl away from the support paper and trim about 2cm from the support paper. Attach the vinyl back to the support card. This should leave a bit of exposed vinyl.
3. Stick the exposed 2 cm of vinyl to the edge of the PS4 then remove the remaining support film and smooth it up.
4. A Time That the skin is applied, use a spatula or article as a credit card to press the flat skin on the surface. Start in the middle of the shortest edge and run all the way up center toward the opposite edge. Continue to push the skin on the console in parallel straight lines to the longest side of the console. Work from the center out to avoid bubbles.
5. Tip: If the sticker corner stick not good, use a hair dryer and heat for 20-30 seconds to activate glue agent for better viscosity,then paste again and it will work good.